At AXT we know that your pet is part of your family, so we allow you to travel with you in the passenger cabin.*


We will allow access to passenger cabin with pets in the following cases:


  • If you want to take your pet in your legs, this is possible with us, the only condition is that these pets weigh less than 5 kg and that they are properly stored in "bags suitable for transport, or another container.
  • If they weigh more than 5 kg but less than 10 kg, they must be in a container that is suitable for their dimensions, which allows them to move freely and be able to turn around and lie down, if the dimensions of these fit into a container. The following dimensions: 40 cm x 30 cm x 25 cm. They will be allowed to be placed under the seat.
  • The containers are not provided by us, so it is the responsibility of the passenger to carry their own container, which must have enough breathing, and it must be closed with a padlock, but the key must be attached to the container.
  • The guide dogs are allowed, they must travel with a muzzle and strap on at all times
  • All dogs traveling on our aircraft must be clean and in perfect health. To prove this, they must present a vaccination certificate issued by SAGARPA.
  • Dogs that are less than 8 weeks old will not be accepted. Pregnant females will not be accepted, or they have just had offspring.
  • Animals are not allowed to travel alone, they must be accompanied by a person.
  • Pets must remain before, during and until the end of the flight, inside their bag, or container.
  • The owner takes care of the cleaning and that your pet does not bother the rest of the passengers.
  • Applies only one pet in flight. Ask about availability of the service with our sales executives.

When they are flights exclusively destined to transfer animals, the following should be considered:

  • The animals must have priority over the merchandise.
  • Only animals in good health can be transported, when they are wild animals they must travel accompanied by their veterinarian.
  • The pregnant females, and the puppies animals that even depend on their mother, will not be able to be transported.
  • The sedatives are inadmissible, because the animal in question, being stunned and helpless, can suffer injuries due to the movements of the aircraft.
  • Animals of different species cannot go in the same container, except for some exceptions, these exceptions will depend on: ANIMAL SEX, STATUS OF MATURITY, PHYSICAL SIZE AND NATURE OF ANIMALS.
  • Animal handling will only be carried out when absolutely necessary. Because there is a real risk of infection, since some diseases can be transmitted to humans.
  • The agreements for feeding and hydration will depend on the species of the animal involved and the duration of the trip.

For reasons of hygiene and safety, contact with animals is strictly prohibited.

  • The transport of animals should not be in conjunction with radioactive substances or any product harmful to health.
  • Position of the containers.
  • The containers must be secured to the aircraft, to the rails, or loading area, to avoid any unwanted movement, and must also be placed in a horizontal position.

Thanks and we'll see you on board.